All About Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a great place for hunters and fishers. If you found yourself here looking for a worthwhile experience to fish and hunt but are confused about where to go, don’t worry this article will make you familiar with its hunting and fishing locations in the blink of an eye. Fishing Locations Lake TexomaLake Texoma […]

Trout Fishing 101

As an individual who has been looking for freshwater trout, essentially “rainbows” and “tans,” for over twenty years, I have discovered that one thing adds to trout fishing achievement more than some other, and that thing is rehearsing the fundamentals. There is basically not a viable alternative for training with regards to fishing and this […]

My Pensacola Fishing Charter

I wanted to start my blog with a recent fishing expedition I had while vacationing with my family in Pensacola Florida. We had a great time on our vacation there, the people, places and activities were simply put, awesome! When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly staff at the local hotel. We […]

All About The Trout

The trout fishing in North America is some of the best you will ever find. From coast to coast it doesn’t get much better! Whether its fishing for lake trout, speckled trout, brown trout, or rainbows there are a ton of different techniques that we use to catch them. My favorite trout to catch is […]