All About The Trout

The trout fishing in North America is some of the best you will ever find. From coast to coast it doesn’t get much better! Whether its fishing for lake trout, speckled trout, brown trout, or rainbows there are a ton of different techniques that we use to catch them. My favorite trout to catch is the salt water speckled trout. These fish are fished mostly like bass. We fish around march, docks, and creek mouths to catch them. The best lure presentation is a popping cork with a jig head underneath with either a burkley gulf shrimp or a live shrimp works as well. We also fish for speckled trout with top water lures. Most of these fish explode the top when they strike a lure! It is an aweosme site to see. Or catching redfish while speckled trout fishing is another great catch! We Catch a lot of redfish fishing these same areas but that we will save for another day. Lake trout grow very large and fight really well. We catch them trolling most the time or a lot of time we catch them ice fishing. These fish can grow upwards of one-hundred pounds with the world record being 102 pounds! What an incredible catch! Lastly there is the brown and rainbow trout. These fish live mainly in small creeks and are a blast on light tackle. We mainly catch them on worms and small rooster tail spinners. These fish are great table fare and really a great way to spend some family time! Thanks for reading and hope this will help with your catching!